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Systematic Kinesiology

Systematic Kinesiology

Systematic Kinesiology is a non-invasive method of Muscle Testing and Energy Balancing.  It targets four main components of our overall Wellbeing:

  • Biochemistry – water, food, nutrition, food sensitivity, toxins, hormones
  • Structure – muscles, bones, joints, posture
  • Emotional – stress, worries, thoughts, fears & phobias
  • Electrical/Energy Meridians

How does it Work?

A client is asked to put their arms and legs in a number specific positions, and to hold the limb steady.  I as the Practitioner apply a gentle pressure on the limb for two to three seconds, and then I release that pressure.  Each muscle is controlled by electrical circuits in the body, and when these circuits are considered balanced, the muscle will not move under the gentle pressure.  If the muscle does move slightly when the pressure is applied, it indicates that there in an imbalance in that circuit and the associated organs.  These imbalances can exist for many reasons, and further assessment is undertaken to establish the underlying cause.

What can it help?

80% of day to day health problems which we feel are not important enough to visit the doctor about can be helped with Systematic Kinesiology.  Examples of some of these include:

  • Aches & Pains – muscles, joints, back, knee, shoulders, hips, jaws, neck,
  • Asthma, Allergies, Colds, Flu’s, Headaches, Digestive problems, Hormonal issues, Skin conditions
  • Anxieties, Depression, Fatigue, Fears & Phobia’s
  • Learning & Behavioural challenges, Self Esteem Concerns
  • Sleep – improving the quality of sleep
  • Viruses and Post Viral Syndrome

What to expect in a Treatment!

A treatment starts with an assessment to establish where the energy imbalances are, and how energy can be restored.  In each instance, structure/food/nutrition and a relevant stress/emotion are taken into consideration. It is not necessary for you to share any emotional information with me, you purely just have to think about the emotion or stress which is bothering you, for it to affect your muscles energetically.  I then set about correcting the imbalances by gently massaging/holding the related points to the organ/system involved.  The points are:

  • Neuro-vascular points on the head – these ensure that the muscles receive a good blood supply which is necessary for them to work properly.
  • Neuro-lymphatic reflexes on the body/side of the spine – these ensure the muscles are nourished and waste products removed in the lymph fluid.

In the event that you as a client cannot attend the clinic for a treatment, an alternative solution is available.  Please contact me on 087 7656122 for more information on this.

(Qualified in Systematic Kinesiology through the Association of Systematic Kinesiology Ireland).