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Endocrine, Adrenal & Blood Sugar Balancing

Endocrine, Adrenal & Hormone Balancing

The Endocrine and Adrenals are made up of a series of glands which are responsible for regulating all functions in the body, including body temperature, hormone production, our ‘fight and flight’ response to stress.  Also as an organ of the endocrine system the pancreas produces insulin to balance blood sugar levels.  All of these hormone producing glands are adversely effected by prolonged stress.  The stress does not necessarily need to be of an emotional/psychological nature – it can be a chemical, physical, energetic or environmental stress.  Nutrition plays a very significant role in the ongoing health and balance of these glands, as does the balance of our microbiome.

This treatment consists of testing the energies, microbial imbalances and nutritional needs of the hormones and glands of the body.  A review of the efficiency of the detoxification pathways will also form part of the treatment.  Nutrition recommendation will be suggested where relevant.

This treatment is available both in a clinical setting, and as a ‘Quantum Therapy’ treatment.  To learn more, please do give me a call.