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Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

The method I use for Food Sensitivity Testing covers a number of different aspects:

  • Food sensitivities – when the body is experiencing a negative effect from the food.  In many cases, once this has been established and the food is removed from the individual’s food plan for a number of weeks, the food will no longer have a negative impact on the body’s energy.  Generally, this applies when the person’s digestive system has been compromised in some way and so improving this will also be an important part of reducing the food sensitivity.
  • Hidden food sensitivities – this may not be an obvious sensitivity, but instead a food which a person eats every day, or even craves, and once they eat it, they feel better.
  • Quantity Overload – situations can arise where a food can be tolerated by the body in small amounts.  However, if that food is consumed in excessive amounts, from the body’s perspective, then the body can become sensitive to it.  
  • Testing for foods which give energy to the body – these foods are those which will nourish your body.

The Food Sensitivity Testing itself is carried out in two ways – either at the clinic, or from a distance while you are in the comfort of your own home.

At the Clinic: This is done by applying a gentle pressure to a number of muscles of the arms & legs while the client holds a piece of a food or a little glass bottle containing food particles to the jawline.  The various parts of the body are nourished by different foods, & so a food could weaken one specific muscle but not have an effect on others. For this reason, it is important to test several muscles to ensure I identify the foods which are affecting the body as a whole.

Testing from a Distance: firstly you will complete a general food diary for seven days, and I will assess this conjunction with your symptoms.  I will then speak with you, either by an on-line method, or over the phone.  I will ask you to lie in a comfortable position at at home while I carry out an energetic review of your body’s ability to assimilate and breakdown the main food groups.

In the final part of both of these treatments: I energetically balance the microbes of the body and strengthen and calm the digestive system.  I will provide recommendations on nutritional requirements where relevant.

If you have questions on this particular treatment, then please do give me a call.