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Emotional Stress Relief

Emotional Stress Relief

There are two aspects to this treatment, and you can either opt for one or both. The first one is an amazingly powerful Kinesiology technique. To perform this, I gently place my fingertips on specific points on your head while you concentrate on a stress/problem/emotional upset.  It is not necessary for you to reveal any information on the cause of the stress – you just simply focus on it in your minds eye.  Immediate relief can be gained – this technique can help with:

  • Emotional balancing
  • Relief from grief
  • Personal problems
  • Relieves tension
  • Handling Overwhelm
  • Relationship stresses
  • Improved sleep
  • Memory
  • Post-Operative Trauma
  • Resets switches after accidents
  • Aligns conscious and sub-conscious
  • Enhances a sense of Wellbeing

The second aspect of this treatment relates to balancing the microbes in our body.  Our digestive system is linked to our emotions and considered our ’emotional brain’  Therefore a healthy gut feeds a healthy mind.  Balancing the microbes of the digestive tract is a key, and this is done using Applied Biomagnetic Therapy or Quantum Biomagnetic Therapy.   

The final stage of this treatment includes balancing the Chakra energy channels.  This is a beautiful treatment which eases away h the stresses and anxieties which challenge us in the world today. It restores a sense of  inner calm and a renewed energy to embrace life.  This treatment can be offered in clinic, or on a ‘Quantum Therapy’  basis from a distance.  Nutritional recommendations may also be relevant as part of this treatment.