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Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

What is Applied Biomagnetic Therapy

Applied Biomagnetic Therapy balances the magnetic energies in our body tissues, muscles, bones and organs.  It is particularly affective in restoring the balance of our microbial energies.  Microbes are tiny living micro-organisms which co-exist in our bodies, and in everything that surrounds us – they are us!  They include viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.  These are very intelligent, and can communicate important messages in terms of our overall Wellbeing.  When out of balance, they play havoc with our Health, and environment!  For instance the relevant organism may carry an emotion or disabling belief which is hindering your body’s ability to repair.  Likewise, this negative emotion or disabling belief can cause the microbes to become imbalanced.  The fundamental approach of Applied Biomagnetic Therapy is to work in harmony with these tiny organisms, restoring balance to the microbiome, emotions and belief system.

How does it Work

This therapy works with the microbes, immune and defense systems in the body.  I scan your body organs/tissues and muscles  for disruption to the natural microbial energies – when out of balance they have an energy imprint. The technique I use enables me to detect this energy imprint and its location in the body.  When I place magnet in this area, the right side of your body either contracts or lengthens – this then confirms that I have tuned into the pathongenic energy of a particular microbe.  I then place a second magnet on the corresponding non-pathogenic point – this works on restoring balance to that particular microbe. Other factors such as emotions and disabling beliefs can play a significant role in balancing a microbe, and these are worked on as part of the treatment.

What can Applied Biomagnetic Therapy Help

As microbes are us – they are involved in all aspects of our Health & Wellbeing, therefore this therapy can help with a wide and varied range of of Health issues.  This can include, inflammation, chronic fatigue, body pain, sleep problems, skin conditions, digestive issues, hormonal & glandular imbalances, circulation issues, emotions & disabling beliefs.

Treatments in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy are offered in clinic, and also as a distance treatment in the form of Quantum Therapy.

Please do give me a call on 087 7656122 if you would like to discuss this treatment in more detail.

(Qualified in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy through the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy Ireland)